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WorkLife Law aims to end Family Responsibilities Discrimination, which is employment discrimination against workers who have family caregiving obligations. It includes discrimination against parents of young children, pregnant women, and workers who have aging or sick parents, spouses, or partners.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Joan's travels

I have been traveling relentlessly; six speeches in the twelve days. Here's one story I heard:

A Gen-X lawyer told me he was working with a new client, who expressed impatience with younger workers who wanted to telecommute. The lawyer held his peace, but months later, when he got to know the client better, he confessed that, the day the client made that comment, he was telecommuting -- at home with a sick child. "Did that affect the advice I gave you?," he asked. The client acknowledged it hadn't; by that time, his attitudes had changed a lot.

Young men are changing the workplace, little by little.

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