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WorkLife Law aims to end Family Responsibilities Discrimination, which is employment discrimination against workers who have family caregiving obligations. It includes discrimination against parents of young children, pregnant women, and workers who have aging or sick parents, spouses, or partners.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Verdicts in FRD Cases

Joan Williams and Cynthia Calvert gave a presentation at an ALI-ABA conference last week in Boston, and a question came up about how many sizable verdicts have been awarded in Family Responsibilities Discrimination cases. Here are the stats, which come from our ever-growing database of FRD cases (now over 1,000 cases):

80 verdicts/settlements at or over $100,000
10 verdicts/settlements at or over $1,000,000
largest multiple-plaintiff award (settlement): $49 million
largest single-plaintiff award (verdict): $11.65 million

Of course, not every FRD case concludes with stratospheric damages. It is important for companies and attorneys to be aware of the potential for large recoveries, however, so they can correctly value FRD cases they may be facing.

WorkLife Law is compiling a list of verdicts and settlements that will be available on its website in the near future.

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