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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Pregnant Women Can’t Make Biscuits?!?

The Associated Press is reporting that a pregnant woman received a settlement last week from her employer, who terminated her because he felt pregnant women can’t make biscuits. We have heard some pretty outlandish excuses by employers for terminating pregnant women, and this may go to the top of our list.

Reportedly, a female worker at a Hardees in Missouri was fired soon after telling her employer that she was pregnant. Her main job was to make biscuits. The supervisor fired her, he said, because making biscuits involves some lifting. The Hardees is going to pay $8,500 to the woman in a settlement reached with the EEOC that also includes training for employees about pregnancy discrimination. That’s a very small amount of dough (sorry) for such blatancy.

-- Cynthia

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